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Let's go on this journey together

Listen to Jesus

Have you ever felt your Christian walk lacks the victory you read about in the New Testament? You’re not alone! We feel we’ve been given an unexpected answer to that powerless Christianity: Listen to Jesus.

Experience God

Christianity is a relationship with a Father who loves us. We place great value in experiencing God so we can know Him for ourselves.

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Experience God

Faith Is an Action

The central command of Jesus is to love one another just as I have loved you (John 15:12).  This means we are called to give our lives away—as Jesus did—for the lost and broken around us.

Follow People

Trusting people can be so hard. However, it’s clear from the Bible that God gives people the authority to run His church and calls us to be, and to make, disciples. This means we need to be willing to follow leadership and to imitate Christians with good fruit in their lives.


I'm Owed Nothing

We live in a self-focused culture. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross forces us to lay our selfishness down. Jesus has already done everything for us. We don’t need Him to do anything more in order for us to give up everything for Him.

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