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Steve & Vicki Orsillo

Senior Pastors

The Father's House was founded in 1997 when Steve and Vicki Orsillo were called to leave their thriving Sacramento construction business and bring their young family to the last place they had considered settling in—Oroville, California. At the time, Southside was an infamously dark area known for high levels of poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. Seeking God to find out what spiritual power had bound the city, Steve heard "selfishness". Determined to come in the opposite spirit, selflessness, the Father's House began a journey of community transformation.

The vision of the Father's House Church is to bring light to Oroville and to make it impossible to get to hell from Oroville.

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Aimee Rivera

Church Life Pastor

Aimee Rivera leads all things pertaining to service structure, church events, church connextions groups, women's ministries, and outreaches.

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Maria McWhorter

School of Transformation is a 6-month to 3-year vocational ministry school focused on finding out who God is and who that makes you.

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Chloe Wellsand

Chloe Wellsand leads our SoT Lite and

SoT-On the Move. School of Transformation Lite is a part-time, online and in-person version of our School of Transformation.

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Kristian Sullivan-Jakubiszyn

Recovery Pastor

Kristian is the director for the Father's House Life Recovery Ministries—a 12 month residential program designed to help men and women break free from addiction and other harmful life circumstances.

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Sean Rivera

Men's Ministry Pastor

Sean Rivera is the leader and pastor for our mens events as well as our yearly mens retreat.

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Sarah Niemela

Kids Church Director

Sarah is the leader for kids church that happens on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, as well as our kids church events.

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Ryan & Lisa Kelly

Worship Pastors

Ryan and Lisa Kelly lead and raise up our worship teams, with a heart to allow a space for people to worship freely and sincerely.

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Johnny Vertical.jpg

Johnny Bowers

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Lisa Bowers

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Stefanie Mumby

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Katie Rodriguez

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Lindsay Taylor

Nicole Horizontal.jpg

Nicole Wallace

Nathan Horizontal.jpg

Nathan Taylor

Michelle Horizontal.jpg

Michelle Carr

Jos Vertical.jpg

Jos Van Huysse

Ashley Fletcher.jpg

Ashley Fletcher

Jaimee Vertical.jpg

Jaimee Sullivan-Jakubiszyn

Luke Vertical.jpg

Luke Pollock

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