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Message Points

1. Experience God

Christianity is a relationship with a Father who loves us. We place great value in experiencing God so we can know Him for ourselves.​

At the Father's House, we believe in the importance of having an encounter with the living God in order to know Him better and make the choice to follow Him.

2. Live in His Likeness

At the Father’s House, we’re on a journey to follow Jesus as He intended us to. A Christian means to be a "little Christ", so our intention is to live a life so much like He did that the world knows we are His disciples. 

3. Who is God?

Many people have come up with their own ideas of who God is based on preference, other people's opinions, or skewed ideas of what God should be like. At the Father's House, we place high value in finding out who God is by simply reading the Bible and believing what it says. 

4. Follow Me as I Follow Christ

We believe in living lives of integrity and transparency, so we can safely say to people “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Leadership comes with great responsibility. We take that call very seriously and set a very high standard for those called to pastoral leadership at the Father’s House.

5. Listen to Jesus

In a culture where we tend to create our own versions of Christianity, we’ve gone back to the simplicity of reading the words of Jesus and putting what He says into practice. The result is a radical, self-giving, passionate faith that withstands every storm.

6. Give Your Life Away

We live in a self-focused culture. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross forces us to lay our selfishness down. Jesus has already done everything for us. We don’t need Him to do anything more in order for us to give up everything for Him. We often remind each other, “I’m owed nothing. I deserve nothing. I owe Him everything. I get to work for Jesus.”

7. Faith Without Works is Dead

We believe faith is not something we claim, but something we act on. Faith without works is dead (James 2:26). There is a standard to Christianity—things for us to do and to live up to. We make it our goal “never to sin again” even though we know we will always fall short.

8. The Importance of Forgiveness

We recognize the importance of forgiveness in order to set us free from our old life and make it possible for us to live in the truth. Our church runs a powerful heart-healing ministry open to committed church members.

9. Salvation is Through Jesus Alone

The gospels say that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. If this is the case, then we had better get to know Jesus! At the Father's House, we place great importance on reading and listening to the words of Jesus and living them out.

10. God Gives Authority to Man to Lead His Church

Trusting people can be so hard. However, it’s clear from the Bible that God gives people the authority to run His church and calls us to be, and to make, disciples. This means we need to be willing to follow leadership and to imitate Christians with good fruit in their lives.

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