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What Is

Father's house missions?

Over the years, The Father's House Church has hosted visitors from all over the world. Many of these visitors have been deeply impacted by even a few days with us. Some common responses have been, "I've finally found the 'Book of Acts' church", "This is the most real place I've ever been," and, "I didn't know places like this existed!" 


Father's House Missions was created in order to widen the opportunity for teams to visit The Father's House and participate in what Jesus is doing in Oroville. These short-term mission trips give visitors a chance to experience a wide range of ministries as they work alongside our unique team of staff, interns and students.


A Missions trip provides the opportunity to take part in community outreaches, to meet people with incredible testimonies, to volunteer at nonprofit businesses, to lend a hand in practical kingdom work, and above all to see how your time, energy and love can deeply affect other people's lives. A missions trip is a great place for both the experienced and inexperienced to take part in hands-on ministry.


We strongly advise visiting teams to immerse themselves in our community by living with us in shared housing on our campus.  The Father's House is located in the heart of Southside, a tough, inner-city neighborhood. However, our campus (comprised of 25+ facilities, spanning over two blocks) is one of the safest areas in town. 

Week outline

A Missions Trip can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks long. We ask that every trip start and end on a Saturday, as this gives you a full picture of who we are and how we operate in day-to-day ministry. 


Every Missions trip follows a unique schedule depending on the needs of each team and what's happening that week at The Father's House. We aim to accurately represent a typical week for one of our staff or interns, while incorporating as much variety as possible, meaning that the schedule is generally BUSY! 


Here are some of the activities you are likely to be involved in:


  • Outreaches to the homeless, hungry and lonely that focus on meeting practical needs and showing love to vulnerable people.

  • Visiting and volunteering at some of our non-profit businesses to see how they are run and what's behind the scenes.

  • Daily devotions with our Life Recovery Ministries members that allow you to become part of their continued growth and success.

  • One-on-one meetings with Father's House staff to hear testimonies, build relationships and find out how different ministries function together.

  • Multiple church services with opportunities to hear our unique message and connect with the Holy Spirit.

  • Meetings with some of our senior leaders to hear their testimonies, transformation stories and vision.



We are now offering specialized Training Trips aimed at those already in ministry who are interested in learning about a specific topic, for example: starting non-profit businesses, raising up the next generation of leaders, working with recovering addicts, building a successful team or starting a community outreach.


This special version of Fathers House Missions includes a tailor-made program of seminars with practical, step by step teaching given by ministry leaders who have years of experience in the chosen subject. We also schedule one-on-one time with our senior leadership to allow participants to ask questions and receive valuable advice. 

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