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Toy Drive

We're hosting a toy drive to collect gifts for underprivileged kids, and your generosity can make all the difference. Imagine the joy and excitement in a child's eyes when they receive a special gift on Christmas morning. By contributing to our toy drive, you can help create these cherished moments and spread the warmth of the Christmas spirit. 


Whether it's a new toy, a stuffed animal, or a board game, your donation will bring happiness and hope to children who may not have much else to look forward to this Christmas. Your support will make the season magical for these kids and remind them that they are cared for and valued. 


Please consider donating to our toy drive and help us bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most during this festive time of year. Together, we can make this Christmas special for all our community’s children.


The Father's House Office

Location: 2656 Fort Wayne St.

Oroville, CA

Drop Off

Drop-off Deadline: December 8

Yoville Yogurt

Location: 2550 Olive Hwy

 Oroville, CA

The Lord's Gym

Location: 2120 Bird St Oroville, CA

Toy Drive List



LEGO offers a variety of sets suitable for different age groups and interests, from classic bricks to themed sets like Star Wars, City, and Harry Potter.

Art Supplies

Crayons, colored pencils, markers, and drawing paper for budding artists, as well as craft kits for creative projects.

Educational Toys

STEM-based kits and learning toys that promote science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

Dolls and Baby Dolls

Dolls like Barbie, American Girl, and baby dolls like Baby Alive are always popular.

RC Robots

Programmable robots that can be educational and entertaining.

Musical Instruments

Entry-level instruments like keyboards, recorders, and basic guitars for kids interested in music.

Bead Kits

Beading kits for making jewelry and accessories.

Electronic Gadgets

Kid-friendly tablets, digital cameras, and electronic learning devices.

Board Games

Classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, The Game of Life, and more provide hours of family fun.

Remote-Controlled Vehicles

RC cars, drones, and helicopters for outdoor or indoor play.

Science Kits

Kits for experiments and hands-on learning about various scientific concepts.

Outdoor Toys

Bikes, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, and sports equipment for active play.

Dollhouses and Playsets

Miniature worlds for imaginative play, including dollhouses and play kitchens.

Superhero Costumes

Dress-up costumes of popular superheroes like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Play-Doh and Modeling Clay

Fun for sculpting and imaginative play.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Toys

Toys based on popular franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

Action Figures

Popular action figures from franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, and Transformers are always a hit.


Age-appropriate puzzles with various themes and complexity levels.

Building Blocks

Besides LEGO, there are other building block sets like Mega Bloks and K'NEX.

Nerf Blasters

Foam dart blasters for exciting outdoor battles or indoor target practice.

Craft Kits

DIY craft kits for jewelry-making, painting, and other creative activities.

Building and Construction Toys

Sets like Magformers, Tinkertoys, and Lincoln Logs encourage building and creativity.

Outdoor Adventure Sets

Camping and exploration gear for kids who love the great outdoors.

Soft Plush Stuffed Animals

Soft and cuddly stuffed animals for comfort and companionship.

Financial Donation: 

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